We provide Affordable services for Home based/ Small businesses and Tradesmen

Such as; Electricians, Plumbers, Cabinet makers, Concrete layers, Veterinary services etc, with their businesses/home computers.
Yes, we do 24/7 care and onsite visits after work or during weekend for same price. So, you don’t have to be home during day time.
We also provide our services for small businesses such as Real-estate agents with their office network, Accounting firms, Legal firms to up and run their computers safely and securely.
Furthermore; we provide support for new computer controlled POS systems. We treat POS as a normal computer so you don’t have to pay higher charges to service them. We do all the regular services for as little as $100.00 per hour (Plus GST).
We have a long list of businesses that are very happy with our services and can give their reference upon request.
Our competitive rates on all of our services, starting $100.00 per hour (Plus GST).

Our Service areas..

Tradesman Day to day IT Support. Home Business IT Support. POS System Support. Small Business IT Support.Overall Service.
ElectriciansConveyancesCafe’s Main computer and POS systemsReal-estate agents office network and workstation supportAd-Hoc breakdown visits
PlumbersHome based online product sellersVariety Shops POS systemsAccounting firms network and workstation supportNetwork, Internet and email issues solve onsite
Concrete LayersArchitecturesLegal firms network and workstations support.Printer/Scanner server problems
Cabinet MakersConvenient stores back office PC and POS systems Support.Medical practicians network and workstation supportPrinter/Scanner server problems
Veterinary ServicesBasic/Advance Care Managed services include proactive monitoring of your servers, desktop and security to ensure the maximum amount of uptime and business productivity. We personally assess your needs and provide a range of services designed to suit your businesses individual needs.
Auto Mechanics
Computer maintenance and backup operations.