USB HDD Booting problem HP ProLian not booting

I have a problem with several of my HP Proliant Servers. If I attach a USB HDD to them they will no longer boot while the drive is attached. I can unplug the drive and the server boots right away. I have tried all of the BIOS settings for the Boot Order and I have tried disabling the USB Boot if the option is there. I have tried all BIOS fixes I have found through Google to try and get them to boot while the USB Drive is attached. Is there a firmware upgrade for the servers? These servers range from old to new, but they are all Proliant ML150’s some are G3 and some are G6. They all are running server software some running Server 2003 and some running server 2008. Please let me know if you hsave head of this problem as this really effects my remote control ability. Thank you in advance


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